• 2010  several Telly awards for commercial production

  • Dragoncon 2009 Art Award "Best Space Scene"  for "Taking The Space"

  • I-CON 2008 Art Award for Best in Show

  • I-CON 2008 Art Award for Best Body of Work

  • I-CON 2007 Art Award for Best Body of Work

  • I-CON 2006 Art Award for Excellence in Photography (Non- Professional)

  • I-CON 2006 Art Award for Best Body of Work

  • I-CON 2005 First Place (Non-Professional)


Influences & Inspirations for Chess Pieces:
Obviously the game of chess, but also my eighth-grade chess club experience where I learned to play Quad Chess. Star Trek for its 3D chess game and the song “One Night in Bangkok.” There is also the living chess game at the NY Renaissance Festival. Other influences would be from Roger Dean’s paintings and YES music, Ellen Kaskoun (my JHS art teacher), Douglas Adams, my friends for asking me to learn a 3D modeling program “so I could make stuff for them,” my wife, my mom, A Brief History of Time, Carl Sagan, The Discovery Channel, Land of the Lost, and Alice in Wonderland.

Thanks to my friends and family for all of their support.


About  The Artist: “Creativity is paramount in my life.” Says Roy Mauritsen, who’s explored every avenue available to him. “Anything I could get my hands on, crayons; I was doing oil painting in fifth grade. They ran out of art classes for me in High School.” Roy Studied Fine Art at SUNY Purchase for a couple of years and ultimately left “-over creative differences” Now, Roy Mauritsen channels his creativity through a more digital medium these days. His career as a computer graphic designer “is very satisfying. In the beginning- I learned every aspect of the printing business I could- from small quick print shops like Spectrum Graphics to large print houses like Cedar Graphics in Ronkonkoma. I learned a lot there from a production standpoint; plate-making, pre-flighting, photo-retouching, print layout even estimating. And as a designer that knowledge makes it an easier transition from something that looks good to something that prints well. “It’s rewarding to see what was once just an idea realized into something that many can appreciate.“  Now Roy has moved on to video production and is responsible for shooting, conceptualizing, editing and creating commercials for his" day job"; working primarily in Final Cut and After Affects.

Roy has received several awards in recognition of his work, Including a First Place top award at an art show in 2005 for his “Chess Pieces” fantasy art series. In 2006 lightning struck twice.  Roy was awarded "Best Photographer" in a nonprofessional category and  "Best Body of Work" in the overall category for his Ongoing Chess Pieces series.   Roy was the only participant in the art show to receive more than one award. In 2007 at I-CON 26,  Roy was honored with an award for Best Body of Work. In 2008, I-CON  honored him again with 2 awards, His third consecutive "Best Body of Work" and  the top award of " Best In Show". Roy also won at the Dragon con 2009 art show for Best Space Scene

His photography was showcased on the website Roy continues to push his creativity- Computers “Have really opened a whole new world form my creativity to explore.” Whether through Photoshop (A modest expert in photoshop, Roy admits.) or 3-D CGI, video, music or as a Professional Photographer, there is plenty the digital realm has to offer him, And plenty Roy has to offer the rest of us.

Roy has been a guest Artist at I-Con 26, I-Con 27 . The Art show took a break in 2009 but Roy did not.  For the next two years, Roy worked behind the scenes as I-CON's Vice-Chair of event marketing; Head graphic designer and Creative Design Director for the I-CON convention.  He received an award from the event chair of I-CON for excellence for his efforts. In 2010, Roy was an I-CON 29 Artist Guest of Honor. He has now retired from his involvement with I-CON.

Roy Mauritsen lives in Bay Shore Long Island, New York,  He is looking to publish his first novel " Shards Of The Glass Slipper" this year and is working on its sequel.