Photography is as much art as any other medium,  just the tools to create are different. I've been an artist all my life, going from crayons, to paintbrushes, to a mouse and pixels, and a camera is just another box of crayons as far as I am concerned. I've enjoyed them all and have been successful so far in my creative journeys. It's the artist's ability whether learned or natural,  to see that potential piece and to capture that moment. Photography is as much an appreciation of artistic concepts as anything else art related; it is an exploration of shape and form, light and shadow, color, composition, negative and positive space,  perspective, Juxtaposition. It's an encapsulation of emotion. It's a capture of  time.  I think it's important to have that artistic foundation, it's what sets  the end result apart. These days, just about everyone has a camera and everyone can take a picture. But, not everyone is a photographer.

I've been passionate about photography forever, and I consider myself lucky to be a professional photographer for over ten years now. I've traveled  to South Africa, ridden horses across Scotland, I've come face to face with Great White sharks at Guadalupe and  hand fed reef sharks in the Bahamas. I've  had photos featured in advertising, magazines, local news outlets and even on Discovery Channel. I've shot for sporting events like equestrian hunts and beach volleyball. I'm fascinated by time-lapses. Chances are you won't find me in a studio or behind the camera at a wedding, not really my flavor of photography, though I've done plenty of both over the years. Above all, I enjoy the challenge of  capture moments of adventure  and being to share them with others, who may never have the opportunities to do so on their own.

I'm not perfect. I'm not trying to be. If I shoot 20 photos I'm really only trying to capture that one or 2 really good ones and  I'll make many mistakes along the way. For me, the end result is going to be what matters. I  like to explore new technology and new ways of capturing different perspectives. Typically, my "standard" camera rig includes a Canon 7d MKII,  but I also love the freedom and interesting angles that Gopro's can provide. I also use an L16  camera by Light, which  uses multi-lens , computational photography to capture some amazing high-rez and  highly detailed photos. Most recently I've been exploring 360 capture and VR immersive,  thanks to a powerful Insta360 ONE X  camera.

Roy Mauritsen is a graphic designer and also an award-winning Digital Artist for his series "Chesspieces". Roy is also the author of 2 fairy tale inspired fantasy novels-  the Shards of the Glass Slipper series  "Queen Cinder" and "Queen Alice".

Some of this artwork is available on the site.

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